2022, So far…

2022 is shaping up to follow a similar playbook to 2021 for the bike industry. The inventory across bicycles and parts is still pretty scarce. We have a pretty good supply coming for this season but it looks like it will slowly trickle in through the coming months. Our suppliers have pretty solid plans in place to keep the supply going, but the timing is still subject to change. If you are thinking of a new bike this year, it’s best to let us know sooner than later. We know the models, sizes and colours of what we will receive this summer and when those bikes are gone, that’s it till 2023.

It’s also likely pricing will continue to increase, largely due to the increased cost of shipping.

Bicycle service is ongoing, although some repair parts will be difficult to source. We anticipate the Spring to be very busy with repair work.

We will not have any rental bikes again this summer. We hope to have some new bikes to rent for summer 2023!

The phones are still very busy and we can’t get to all the calls. If you can’t reach us by phone, the next best bet is email, at info@sweetridecycling.com. The shop hours will remain Wed-Sat, 10-5.

It’s going to be another challenging year for all of us, but we’re here to help in any way we can.