Wahoo Kickr Trainers – Now in Stock


We just received a bunch more of the excellent Wahoo Fitness Kickr electronic trainers. (Apparently, the last batch before the price goes up!) This is one of the best training tools on the market and will definitely improve your performance. (You still have to ride it though.) If you are unfamiliar with the Kickr, check out the DC Rainmaker review for all you need to know. The Kickr opens up a whole world of training options. If you want entertainment, check out Zwift. If you want to ride a goal-oriented training program, check out Trainer Road. If you want to do it yourself, check out Hurts Ergo. All of these apps take control of the Kickr so you just focus on turning the pedals. There are lots of apps that interact with the trainer to make the indoor riding experience a bit more enjoyable. It may be some time till most of us will ride outdoors, so make the best of it. For now, $1300.