Treadlight E-Bike Kits@Sweet Ride!

electric bikes

We are excited to announce that we will be carrying the brand new electric bike kits from Treadlight E-Bikes. This is a great system that is an easy upgrade for your existing or new bicycle. The kits have hub powered motors that provide the boost. We have been riding one of the systems for a couple of weeks now and have had great results. What we like about this set-up is that it is just there when you need some help. You have additional power to get up hills, but otherwise it behaves like a regular bike. The system adds about 3kg to your bike, but the design adds no resistance to your pedalling.

The best part is that Treadlight is a new, local company, from right here in Mahone Bay. Any technical issues can be solved without having to ship the system to some far away place. Company owner, Nick Lebrecque, knows all the technology inside and out and has lots of great ideas for the future of e-bikes. All of the components are top quality, and use lightweight lithium-ion batteries. We have a bike in-store for you to try, so come check it out. The kits start at $799 and many options are available.