The Roubaix


If you follow bike racing, this week you will hear a lot about the Roubaix, from Specialized. This Sunday is the Paris-Roubaix, king of the cobbled classics. The bike of choice for this race is something that is fast and efficient and light, but something that protects the rider from the shocks and vibrations that this terrain dishes out. To me, that sounds just like riding on Maritime roads, pretty much anytime. This is my personal bike of choice for all my road riding. There truly is no downside to being more comfortable. The Roubaix is stiff where it needs to be (and the new SL4 is pretty stiff) and compliant where it counts.

It is pretty clear from this video that Sam is from California. Despite that, he makes some excellent points and highlights the key features that make Roubaix such a great platform. I really can’t think of a better design for riding around here. Roubaix sometimes gets the pitch that it is an “endurance bike” or a “comfort road bike” or an “I’m 40 now” kind of bike, but do not doubt its capabilities. It will be in the mix with the toughest guys in cycling this Sunday. Roubaix.