How do I get a bike in 2022?

COVID-19 and lockdowns began March 2020. So much was cancelled, off-limits and deleted from our lives that we all quickly grasped at outdoor freedom. We bought all the bikes, gym equipment, boats, skis, garden furniture, etc to improve our new restricted lives, but in doing so we broke the bicycle supply chain, which impacts you buying a bike in 2022.

Sweet Ride and every bike shop in the country sold almost every bike and repair part we had in stock by July of 2020. We normally place orders in the summer/fall to restock over the winter and for the first time ever this did not happen, the supply chain is still broken. Bikes and parts are arriving at a slow trickle. The impact of factory closures, global demand, distancing and logistical issues have pushed back our restocking timeline up to 18 months. Our stores were emptied and remain empty! Most of the bikes and repair parts coming in 2022 will not arrive until late spring at best and likely through the summer and fall. We have never experienced a delay like this!

HOW DO I GET A BIKE IN 2022? Many of the bikes we are expecting to receive have already been spoken for but we can talk with you about the options available and whether or not there may be a bike that could work for you. Our website will be updated with links to the bikes we expect to have this season and if you choose a bike we will ask for a 10% deposit that is refundable if you find something sooner or change your mind. We will then let you know when your bike arrives. We have been here for 10 years and want to continue doing our very best for you. Together with patience and kindness we can make this a great season!

WHAT DO WE HAVE TODAY? We are well stocked with clothing and accessories and are open for walk-in shopping Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. Tune-Ups and fittings are available by appointment and ask that you only bring your bike in at the time of your scheduled appointment. We will do our best to accommodate Emergency Repairs.