2013 Roubaix Expert SL4

roub exp collage

For many years, I rode a Tarmac because it was the “race” bike. The lightest, fastest and coolest bike in the Specialized line. They look incredible, and vanity told me that was what I needed to ride. I had spent a season on the first generation Roubaix when they came out, and while it was a really good bike, it didn’t have the appeal of the Tarmac. A couple of years ago, though, Specialized re-designed the Roubaix and it started to look pretty sexy, so I gave it a try again. I rode a Roubaix Expert  SL3 for the next couple of seasons and was absolutely blown away by how good it was. It was easier to achieve a comfortable and efficient position, and felt amazing on long rides over varied surfaces. And it was not slower. Actually, probably the opposite.  Now the new SL4 is here and I think it erases all the excuses not to ride one. This should be your next bike.