Trainers – In Stock Now

There are a ton of ways to ride indoors this winter. Check out Zwift and Trainer Road, for starters, and then all of the apps that you can use to better your fitness. We’ve got all the bases covered, from smart trainers to basic set-ups, and all the accessories to make the experience as enjoyable as it can be.

Tacx Flux Smart – $1199.99

The best value in a direct-drive trainer. Compatible with Zwift and Trainer Road, with Bluetooth and Ant+ connectivity. Measures speed, cadence and power. Max resistance of 1500 watts and an incline simulation of 10%. 15lbs flywheel for a great and realistic feel. You’ll need a cassette with this one.


vortex webTacx Vortex Smart – $699.99

A great value in a true smart trainer. New this season, the Vortex Smart gets you into Zwift (and other apps) with an easy set up and great performance. The resistance is software controlled, and you will really feel the hills. The max wattage isn’t as high as the Kickr, but is more than enough for a great workout, or for smashing your friends on Zwift.

road mach smrt web


Road Machine Smart – $569.99

The Road Machine Smart brings some great power data to the thoroughly proven fluid trainer from Kinetic. A durable and simple construction means this will last forever. Accurate power measurement through the Kinetic app, and a calibration feature. A great value, if you’re all about the numbers.


road mach webKinetic Road Machine – $479.99

The industry standard in fluid trainers. Lots of miles have been logged on the Road Machine. No electronics, just quality construction for a lifetime of use. A heavy flywheel provides a great feel, and the fluid resistance unit is quiet and trouble free.


magnetic web


Kinetic Magnetic – $399.99

The robust construction of all Kinetic trainers, in a more affordable magnetic resistance version. Handlebar remote adjusts resistance and the magnetic resistance unit is quiet and durable.



blue webTacx Blue Matic – $249.99

If you are new to indoor riding, the Blue Matic is a great and economical way to get going. Light and portable, with a magnetic resistance unit and bar remote. Zwift compatible.



image3366Kinetic Z Rollers – $399.99

If you prefer the feel of rollers, the Kinetic Z Rollers are a nice option. Easy to fold up and store. A sturdy and adjustable base and aluminum rollers provide a lifetime of use.


insider web


Schwalbe Insider Trainer Tire – $59.99

For wheel-on trainers, a trainer tire saves you wear on your nice road tires. Durable and quiet performance.




ring web


Kinetic Riser Ring – $44.99

The riser ring has three heights to get your bike level when it is in the trainer.




blue sc webWahoo Blue SC – $76.99

If you want to get into Zwift with a standard trainer, you need one of these. This one is Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible, so it will work with any device, from your phone to your Garmin.




tickr webWahoo Tickr – $76.99

The time spent on the trainer is the best time to collect and geek-out on data. Heart rate and power are great ways to measure your performance over time. The Tickr is Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible, so it’s the only one you need.


ant plus web


Garmin USB Ant + Stick – $64.99

If you want to get into Zwift, you’ll need one of these. This allows your PC or Mac to communicate with your smart trainer or your sensors.